Commission Information


************************************************************************************COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED! *************************************************************************************


  1. brosuke - Digital Chibi (IG) *PAID

  2. lazydaisy - Digital Chibi (IG) *PAID

  3. skyee - 4 Digital Chibis (DC) *PAID

  4. mesuta - Digital Chibi (DC) *PAID

  5. angel - Sketch Chibi (DC) *PAID COMPLETED

  6. Lissa -Ref sheet (DC) *PAID

  7. Zwodiak - 11 smooshes (DC) *PAID

  8. Ambiva- Digital 3/4ths body (DC) *PAID

Please email your inquiry by heading over to my 'CONTACT' tab!

Information for you! (TOS)

  • Prices below are BASE prices. Depending on the amount of detail on request prices can go up.

  • I take pay first via PAYPAL in order to book slot.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission I see fit.

  • I work in order from payment received.

  • Patience is GREATLY appreciated!

  • No refunds for stream commissions, or after initial sketch for other pieces

  • Only small changes after initial sketch.

  • May use comms for PERSONAL USE ONLY

VISUAL references must be ready for me when you place the order !


  • Original Characters

  • Some Furries (Just ask please)

  • Gore

  • A tiddy or two


  • Porn

  • Heavy Mech

  • Celebrities

  • Macho


  • Monster ****Girls*****

  • Cute anything

  • Fancy designs

*I don't mind fanart commissions but be in mind there are some series I will not draw. Just ask!

************************************************************************************ EMOTES ************************************************************************************

Cute little head smoosh emotes. Fat lines and simple colouring.

Default/Original head is 10$. Any extra expression will be and additional 5$ if same head is used (like the examples below). Any other posing or major change to default head will be considered a new drawing.


************************************************************************************ FLAT WORK ************************************************************************************

Sketched/Fat lines with flat colours. Transparent to simple coloured background.

Click link for full images :


************************************************************************************ COMPLETED WORK ************************************************************************************

Very clean line work, hard and soft shading. Complete rendered character with either transparent or simple coloured background.

Click link for full images :


************************************************************************************ COMPLEX WORK ************************************************************************************

Added prices vary character to character, but this means any super detailed design with layers, armor or even weapons. Can be either flat or completed work.

Click link for full images:


************************************************************************************ FULL IMAGES ************************************************************************************

Very clean line work, hard and soft shading some back ground or foreground work included. Complete rendered image


************************************************************************************ TRADITIONAL ************************************************************************************

Simple character portrait with limited colours. Shipping price included!


$$ Extra Optional Charges $$

------- Want your commissioned work to be seen on my Youtube channel? 

  • $10 extra (This covers the time to edit the video, Flat - Complex work ONLY)

  • There will be a brief voice over by me 

------- Livestream commissions: 

  • Additional charge depends on size: 

    Emotes + Flat Work - $10 
    Complete Work -  $15
    Complex + Tradtional Work - $20

  • Negotiate with me about a date and time and I’ll make it happen!

  • I will livestream only on Twitch :

  • I will not livestream Full Images.

For any other traditional pieces, logos, Youtube/Twitch work or any other questions just send me an email!

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope to hear from you!